Since our inception in 2003 we have turned millions of dollars of life insurance into immediate cash for seniors who no longer need or want their policies.

Settlements For Life is one of the most well established and experienced life settlmement and viatical brokers in the United States.  We have processed and evaluated for sale several billion dollars of life insurance face.


A life settlement, viatical or senior settlement is a simple process whereby one sells their life insurance policy they no longer need or want for cash, immediately.  


Settlements For Life does all of the complex work and leaves the simple part of the process to you.

Sell life policy for cash
Ronnie Katz CPA
President and Founder
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Ronnie has over 24 years of experience in public accounting and has been in the life settlement business since 2003.  He is known throughout the industry for his ability to get cases done in a smooth and efficient manner.


Coming from the South, Memphis, Tennessee, he treats all clients with respect and personal concern.