Actual Policies Sold

Settlements For Life

$4 Million Life Policy


$1 Million Cash

A client in his eighties had four million dollars of life insurnace policies he no longer needed or wanted. His children did not need the death benefit, and he did not need it for estate planning purposes. Settlements For Life brokered this policy and got this gentleman one million dollars cash for two policies the client would have otherwise lapsed for zero dollars.

Settlements For Life

$2 Million Life Policy


$600,000 Cash


An eighty six year old woman had a two million dollar life insurance policy she no longer needed. Her spouse passed away several years ago, her children did not need the death benefit and she did not want to continue to make premium payments. Instead of lapsing her policy she sold her policy for one hundred sixty thousand dollars cash!


Settlements For Life

$1 Million Life Policy


$300,000 Cash

A corporation owned a one million dollar policy on a 95 year old key man policy. The premium was nearly ninety thousand dollars per year and too expensive for the company to pay. Settlements For Life got the company three hundred thousand dollars for the policy. The company got cash and no longer had to pay expensive premiums.


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